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Prints In The Mail

I’ve had a couple of big sales this week, both headed across the country…

First this one, a big 24 x 36″ gallery wrap headed for Iowa… very cool! I love the colors in this… Thanks, Tim!

The old Kern Motel on Highway 99..

The old Kern Motel on Highway 99…

And then a big 20×30 print going to Dallas, Tx… This is a BNSF freight waiting at Bena near Bakersfield, headed to Tehachapi… Thanks, Paige!

BNSF freight waiting for the all clear at Bena.

BNSF freight waiting for the all clear at Bena.

Both of these are available at my Etsy store… along with a lot more!


Hotter Still

It’s going to be hot again today. 109º. With a chance of thunderstorms. It’s not right. We’re in the middle of a long streak of over 100º projected highs. The last of July continues to be oppressive. August looks to be the same.

After having breakfast at Alice’s I stopped for some photos around the railroad spur in Oildale:

I have a fondness for old advertising and advert art. One of my favs is the ad on the side of the Santa Fe railroad cars from the fifties. I found this car off it’s wheels in a junk yard adjacent to the spur this morning:


I was on my way home. The weather was cool and the air was clear but for the clouds on the horizon.
I broke from my routine and turned to drive through my old neighborhood and down Sumner street.
The derelict buildings are still there, the old SP rail yard, the trash. I parked, grabbed my camera and just started walking down the twilight street…

More from my walk. Click for larger: