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It’s not even eight-thirty in the morning and I’ve already shot several photos and posted them to my PAD. And just yesterday I was thinking I was out of juice and vision, ready for a prolonged break. Well, it could be the winter weather that blew through with cinematic cloudy skies last night and the quality of the crystalline blue behind them. Or it could just be that I made time on my drive in to work. Whichever, it feels good and I feel ready for the day.

Too bad this muse thing isn’t a bit more consistent, eh?

Last night:

This morning:

The Dailies

I feel like I’ve hit a rut in my daily photos lately.

I was doing a series of urban blight-type pictures, but grew weary of that. And then the the days started getting shorter, with less light in the morning and after work to shoot by and for shorter periods of time. I’ve been stumped as to where to go and what to do next. Over the last few years, at this time of year, I’ve retreated to my little studio set up at home (an Alien Bees flash and some foam core white board) and concentrated on abstracts and the types of things found around the house. I’m not feeling that now, though. I feel like I’ve been there and done that.

Really, PAD (photo-a-day) is supposed to be about taking a picture every day, regardless of whether it’s good or not, much the same way a writer sits down to write regardless of whether it’s good or not. It’s about the act of doing it, the routine of taking a picture as a way of breaking the logjam, the photographer’s block, if you will. And if it isn’t very good, well at least you can say you still took a picture. But I don’t want to repeat shots I’ve already done… and that’s a danger for me when shooting at home.

So, what to do? How do I break free of the routine? How do I stretch myself, step out of my comfort zone?

Yesterday’s shots:

4th of July Weekend

Aside from an obligatory wedding tomorrow afternoon, I’m looking forward to a long and quiet weekend. I’ve taken this monday off, extending my weekend to four days. Too bad I won’t be at the beach. Ah, well, at least there’s iced tea and the air conditioning.

We’ll probably hunker down and try to keep the excitement to a minimum. The dogs will be reacting to all the fireworks and the neighborhood’s requisite piccolo petes. Sophie will need to be reassured, Jack usually does fine, not sure how Teddy will react.

Last night we had an odd situation. One of the neighbor kids tossed a baby doll over the fence and apparently caught Teddy off guard. He was quite perturbed by the sudden arrival of something strange that looks like a human landing in his yard. He would just hunker down and very cautiously approach, slinky style, not wanting to get too close, with a deep rumble in his chest. It was just past dusk and that made it all the weirder, Cathi called me to look at the spectacle… pretty funny…

I stopped on H street on my way in to work this morning, wandering with my camera between the Padre hotel and the Nile theater, taking pictures. The sky was dusted with clouds and looked like a painting. I shot a few pictures and posted this in my PAD (Photo-A-Day) gallery.

I was pretty happy with this:


I’ve been feeling pretty good about the way my photos have been going of late. And I’m feeling good about the process and the productivity. I’ve been trying to get an early start for work in the morning with the intent of stopping along the way to take pictures. And I’ve been happy with the results, a couple times it’s been hard to decide which shot is best for my PAD post.

Today’s picures: