Sometimes I get stuck for photo ideas. When that happens, one of the things I like to do is a little photo exercise. I stop in the downtown area and take a walk with my camera. I start by shooting anything and everything, taking pictures just to take pictures. Snap, snap, snap. Get the eye looking and the finger twitching and the mind seeing. Most of those shots are crap; bad composition, to bright or dark, whatever. I throw those away. Delete. But then things start to fall into place. The mind warms up, the images start to come and things start to click. I did that exercise tonight on my way home for work, walking around for about twenty minutes before the daylight gave out.

29 | February | 2008

I love wandering in the alleyways downtown for pictures. Seems there’s always something of interest. Often it’s a wall, or a bit of asphalt or some detritus that catches my eye. Tonight I found myself looking at a wall of windows on the back side of an apartment building downtown. It was just about sunset, the direct sunlight was gone. I stepped up to ISO 200 and f/5.0 and shot a couple shots. A little tweaking in Lightroom for my post processing…

All by itself

A long day at work, but there was still just enough light tonight for a photo on my way home from work. As I was driving through the downtown area, I spotted a lone tree in an empty lot. I pulled over and grabbed my camera, set the ISO for 200, shutter at f4.5 and snapped a couple pics. I got back into truck and headed for home…