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Where’s The Slideshow?

Where indeed? Well, I’ve looked and looked for a slideshow to showcase some of my images and found nothing I really liked. There is one slideshow that was really nice and it wasn’t Flash based (Flash is dead… did you know?) but it was all part of a for-sale WordPress theme… and I don’t want to buy a theme for this site. Maybe later, but not now. I also spent quite a bit of time tweaking things to make it look the way it looks right now, though I’m still not satisfied. More work to do there but it’ll have to be done as we move along. Anyway, the way I envision this working is you would arrive on the front page of the sight and be greeted with a slideshow presentation that would, more or less, fill the lower half of the screen below the header and navigation menu. Then you could see some highlights, then choose whether to go to more sample galleries/slideshows or go to the blog or on to the online shop for prints. All sounds simple, but getting to all work the way you want… there’s the rub. I’ll keep at it though.

The image above was taken around dusk at a local road and bridge construction sight…