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Made For Walking

From a mini-shoot I did with Faith yesterday. I was trying to think of a way to show her shoes and feet in the best light and still have some theme contrast. I didn’t want to see just her feet in a pose on a white background, too boring. So we went outside on the loading dock where some old equipment gathers dust. One foot up, shoot across to the other shoe… a juxtaposition of the hardware with the leopard-print shoes and the little taste of red on her toes. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Street Walk

Sometimes I get stuck for photo ideas. When that happens, one of the things I like to do is a little photo exercise. I stop in the downtown area and take a walk with my camera. I start by shooting anything and everything, taking pictures just to take pictures. Snap, snap, snap. Get the eye looking and the finger twitching and the mind seeing. Most of those shots are crap; bad composition, to bright or dark, whatever. I throw those away. Delete. But then things start to fall into place. The mind warms up, the images start to come and things start to click. I did that exercise tonight on my way home for work, walking around for about twenty minutes before the daylight gave out.

Still Light

A long day at work, but there was still just enough light tonight for a photo on my way home from work. As I was driving through the downtown area, I spotted a lone tree in an empty lot. I pulled over and grabbed my camera, set the ISO for 200, shutter at f4.5 and snapped a couple pics. I got back into truck and headed for home…

A roll of 35mm

I had the day off so I made good use of the time and developed a roll of HP5 plus. It’s been sitting around since I ran it through the Electro35 I found on ebay. So far everything looks good, though I had a little trouble loading the film on the tank reel and consequently wrinkled the film somewhere along the way. This evening I scanned the roll, now just I need to do a look-over and some cleanup…

Is It Fall Yet?

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

It’s been a long hot summer and, between that and the funk I’ve been in, it’s taken everything I have to get through the day and to post my photo-a-day. The heat beats me down, the pace at work saps my energy and with what little I have left I have to poke my head out and catch a photo…

The funk is just that. I fight the mild-grade depression from time to time. This spell has lasted longer than usual, but the cooling temperatures this week raised my spirits and brought some bounce back in my step. We’re still busy at work, but with my brightened mood it’s easier to push through the to-do list.

A few highlights from recent PAD‘s: