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Photo A Day

I’ve been participating (along with a lot of other folks) in an ongoing project called Photo A Day. I started back in mid 2004 when I got my first DSLR. Sometimes it’s been great fun and other times it’s been a chore that I’ve had to push through… but the discipline has well been worth it, I can look back and see that I’ve improved my chops by shooting daily. I took a break for a bit in 2008 and after a rest I started up again that following January. All of that work is over at my pbase galleries

So, why mention this? Well, I’m thinking of taking a break again at the end of this year. Take some time to recharge the batteries and think about where I want to go, where I need to go with my photography. And one of the things I’m thinking about is archiving those pbase galleries and in the future only posting over here. Certainly that would mean a lot less traffic looking at my photos and less interaction with folks (pbase has a great user base, very involved and interactive) but I could also build this blog into something and perhaps see it grow.