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film fingers

I finished a roll of Fuji Provia last Thursday and dropped it off for processing on Friday. Too bad it’ll take a week and has to leave town for the job to be done, but oh well. What can you expect for E6 processing in this digital age? Anyway, I have quite a few PAD’s on that roll, all shot around town using the Olympus Trip 35. I can’t wait to see how the shots turned out. I’ll post a few after I get them scanned…

No One’s Looking

Been busy at work and at home of late, so I’ve neglected this blog…

I loaded some film into the Olympus Trip 35 this morning; Fuji Provia 100. David has been shooting some in a new camera he found on eb*y and it gave me the itch. I had a batch in the fridge from a few months ago so I loaded it up this morning and stopped on my way to work for a couple shots.

I’m in a quandary when shooting film these days. I find myself trying to change the way I shoot and my subject matter. I don’t know why, but when I’m shooting color, I start looking for bright colorful scenes; when shooting b/w I look for contrast-y scenes. I completely avoid my usual thinking and I shoot like I have someone watching over my shoulder. I think I see some style surfacing from my last few years of shooting digital, but when that film camera gets in my hands I lose my perspective. Hmm… They say you should dance like no one is watching, I say you should shoot that same way, too. I’ll try to keep this in check.

Here’s a few of my favs from my PAD since my last post: