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Cool pics, keep them coming.

We’ve had several days of warm weather and plenty of sunshine. I was preparing for an early spring. When I awoke this morning I found cool and overcast weather. Shirt sleeves yesterday, today sweatshirts.

Today I have some electrical work to do, replace a switch and fix an outlet, both easy and quick jobs. What won’t be easy, though, is moving all the stuff I need to move so I can start the prep work on the next stage of the living room paint job. I need to get as much done this weekend as I can because the new sectional is being delivered next weekend. I just don’t know where I’m going to move all this stuff.

I had a couple of photos these last few days that I thought were good and would garner more response than they did on pbase. Not so. Very few views and practically no comments, compared to photo the day before which was a throw away.

Here are the shots from thursday and friday:

Here is the throw away:

The “throw away” was just something I experimented with out of boredom, something I wasn’t all that happy with but filled the need for a photo that day. I am always surprised at what people like and don’t like.

On another note, I see that Jacques Thiroux has passed away from heart failure. His son Paul used to hang around with and myself back in our early years…