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I’m starting a new photography project. I’m calling it Kodachrome-A-Day. It’s rooted in discussions I’ve been having with David about the demise of Kodachrome color film. You see, film is becoming a thing of the past as more and more people switch to digital photography. Kodak has been phasing out the different speed films of Kodachrome. Once there was 25, 64 and 200 speed films. Now there’s only 64. And there’s only one place in the world that even does the K-14 processing for Kodachrome anymore. David and I thought it might be fun (and even wise) to shoot one last roll of Kodachrome before it’s gone.

I decided what I’d do is take at least one shot a day using Kodachrome 64 film. When I’m finished, I’ll send the rolls in for processing and then scan and post the slides to my pbase account in a gallery called “Kodachrome-A-Day.” The project will last for as long as I have film on hand to shoot. It was only going to be a single roll deal, but I purchased two rolls of 36 exposure Kodachrome 64. And now that I’m into the project, I might even add to those two rolls… who knows?