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Polaroid Fun

I ended up with two Polaroid 420 Land Cameras from ebay. I kept one and gave the other, along with a pack of film, to a friend. I shot my first pack of film, Polaroid 667, here a couple weeks ago. I concentrated mostly on people shots and I was pretty happy with the results. Out of a ten shot pack I ended up with a few good pictures. Three I lost were landscapes, done in full outdoor sun, and I suspect that I might have either a light leak in the 420 or the temperature might have been to cold for the film. Regardless, I’m pretty happy with the results. I ordered more Polaroid 667 (iso 3000) and it arrived today so I’ll be back to some Polaroids for my daily shots.

I also won a Polaroid 405 film back, used for larger format cameras, and I intend on making a pinhole Polaroid camera with that. I need to see what bits and pieces I have lying about in the garage that can be cobbled into a ‘pinholaroid’.

I liked the 420 so much that I placed bids on a Polaroid 450. This camera is a few steps up from the 420 in that it has Zeiss glass instead of the plastic lenses of the 420. If I win one of these bids, and the camera is in good shape, I’ll move to that camera for my Polaroid fun.

Here are a few thumbs from my Polaroid gallery: