Polaroid By Ilford?

I’ve only recently reconnected with¬†Polaroid cameras and film. I purchased a couple vintage cameras on ebay in the last year or two and I’ve been playing around with the 600 series instant film. I was unhappy to learn that Polaroid was shutting down their production of instant film. Now there’s an article at Christian Science Monitor‘s website about the demise of Polaroid‘s instant film lines with a twinkle of potential good news. Seems Ilford is considering taking up the manufacture of the instant films. There’s a site up dedicated to saving the film, too. I’m crossing my fingers…

2 thoughts on “Polaroid By Ilford?

  1. dm

    It’s all very confusing. Polaroid in their ultimate cleverness, gave us 600 film, and 6xx film, which are, logically enough, completely different incompatible systems. 600 is the modern point and shoot click – buzz – watch the pic develop in front of your eyes motorised affair. The earlier 6xx film cameras which use 669, 665, 667, 690 etc film are full of good old fashioned, check the temperature, pull the film through the rollers, count the seconds, peel-apart, real-deal Polariod goodness. Both are cool, but the peel-apart cameras are uber cool. Folding bellows, real glass lenses and Zeiss rangefinders on the top end models. Todd, of course, has the later. Film for these is still available from Fuji, and is better than the real Polaroid offerings, but another competitor would keep them on their toes…


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