October Thoughts In November

October has come and gone. It went by quick, quicker than I like. I like October, or at least, the idea of October. I think of October as the start of the fall, of winter, of the holiday season. For me it’s about color and cool breezes, the changes in the sunlight, long shadows, a long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirts. I can turn off the a/c and open the windows and doors, let the outside in instead of insulating against it. I feel like slowing down and savoring this time of year. In summer, I just try to hunker down and get through the heat. In spring I lament the passing of fall and winter and the approach of summer. But fall is glorious and riotous with color, at least in my head if not in actuality.

I’ve just finished a series of halloween pics on my pbase PAD that turned out decently. Now it’s time to go back to the daily routine of finding a picture or two. I have a roll of b/w film loaded in the Electro35 that needs to be finished so it can be developed. A couple of PAD entries are on that roll.

Speaking of PAD, I’m thinking of taking a break when I hit my anniversary. It’ll be four years and I think I need a breather. Time to refill the cup, so to speak. Maybe concentrate on a photo project or two…

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