Daily Flotsam

I spent the morning finishing two rolls of Ilford HP5+, one in the K1000 and another in the YashicaMat. This’ll be the first of my own film to run through the Yashica, the “found roll” not turning out all that well after I goofed it up by opening the camera while loaded.

Yesterday I made a trip out to Hart park for some pictures and shot half the 120 roll, today I headed in to the downtown area and finished the roll. I also stopped at Jefferson park to finish the roll in the K1000. Now if the danged developing stuff I ordered would get here, I’d process that film.

I put the scanning of the Kodachrome A Day pictures on hold for the time being. I’m unhappy with the quality of the scans I’m getting from the scanner I purchased. Yesterday I ordered a different scanner, one more suited for different size film. The previous would only do 35mm film stock, which at the time I thought would be all that I needed, but couldn’t accommodate the large format camera negs. On top of which, everything I scanned had spots from the dirt on the INSIDE of the scanner. After much fussing, I was able to get that scanner open and attempt to clean the inside but by that time the bloom was off that rose…

In other news, the spare bathroom has it’s coat of primer, it’s two coats of “natural linen” and a new light kit installed. Worked on that on Saturday and then finished it on Monday. Cathi seems to be very happy with the results. You would think it would be a quick job for that small space but there was so many corners that needed cutting in. Next up we need to decide on some flooring and get to ordering a new vanity and toilet, but it’ll have to wait for now. I need to still paint the livingroom and both bedrooms, but not while I’m on vacation.

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