A Lot Of Noise About Photography…

I’ve been mulling the idea of a new camera for a while now. A few weeks ago I started having trouble with my 300D and it pushed me to make a serious effort and do some research. I was torn between the Canon 5D and the 30D. Both good cameras, but the 5D is a whole other level in price for me. I don’t think I can justify that kind of expense for a camera at this time so I decided on the 30D. Much more affordable.

As I was ordering the camera on amazon, I grabbed a couple packs of Polaroid film for the 450: some 664 (ISO100 b/w) and 669 (also ISO100 color).

I’m still thinking of setting up some developing gear and materials after shooting some Ilford HP5+ through the K1000 SE I won on ebay. I had the local camera shop develop the pics overnight so I could check the function of the camera last week. Everything looked good. The price of developing a few rolls would soon pay for the chemicals and the tank and bottles are pretty inexpensive. I’d like to have a camera loaded with b/w film at hand but that will have to wait till I’m finished with:

Kodachrome 64 A DAY project. I finished roll four today and then loaded the fifth into the SE and swapped leses from my standard K1000. I’m sticking with the 28mm wide angle lens for the total of this project. It’s been a fun project shooting film again after all these years. The only drawback has been the double-duty Photo-A-Day shooting in both Kodachrome and digital. I’m not sure I’ll have much more than a handful of decent shots when I’m done, and I’m afraid I’ve taken too many pictures of flowers in K64, but we’ll see…

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