Beach Days

It’s been a quiet day.

We slept in late, then had a walk to breakfast down the road. We were practically the only people in the place for a while, a rarity at this little beach town. We had a nice breakfast, topped with slices of perfectly tasty orange and home-made strawberry jam for my wheat toast. I took a Northy-inspired photo of my full coffee cup, cream still swirling in the blackness. We walked lazily back to the hotel by the beachfront road. We held hands and stopped by these flowers and those to talk about how well everything grows over here. I spent some time taking pictures with the Polaroid 420 and the K1000 loaded with the Kodachrome 64. The Polaroids were the 667 and the K64 was the last of the roll. In our room, we read and read. Cathi’s napping now and I’ve finished my book. What next?

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