Smell The Sea, Take A Picture

We’ve arrived in the little town of Cayucos for a few days vacation. Cathi and I always try to get away over here for a few days several times a year. The last time we were over was in October, so it’s been a while for us. It feels good to get away, have some quiet and our familiar hotel (we stay at the same place whenever we visit) and enjoy the central coast weather.

The Kodachrome project is going well. I’m finding it a bit of a difference from the routine I’ve been comfortable with on my digital camera. The K1000 makes me slow down a bit and think while the 28mm lens has me moving around a bit to frame my shots. It’s a good practice though. I received some film back that I shot with the camera right before loading the K64 and it looks like the bracketing I’m doing is probably not as necessary as I thought. Though, what I did notice is that the internal meter on the camera might be off a little. I might be over exposing a little, as most of the shots I bracketed showed the darkest of shots looking the most correct in exposure. But one thing about that: the film I had loaded was old, several years old, and it was as different to K64 as night and day. Hmmm. I might should continue bracketing with the Kodachrome 64 by going with the internal meter and then stopping down a step. I don’t think I need to bracket at the one stop open.

Oh. And I stopped for a few more rolls of Kodachrome 64 on my way out of town this morning. This might go on for a while…

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