Lazy Weekend

We had fierce thunderstorms early Friday morning and through most of the day. It was promising to continue through the weekend but with Saturday came clear skies. The rain washed most of the dust of the streets and houses and yards. The temperatures remained uncharacteristically cool for this time of year, something that doesn’t normally arrive till early November. The smells of the yard were wonderful; fresh and clean from the showers, the plants rejoicing in fresh growth and color. The hibiscus still has blooms, the hollyhocks, freshly cut back a few weeks ago, have already started the next round of growth and have even set blooms in pink, red and lavender. It’s made for a wonderful fall weekend, too bad I didn’t spend more time out in it all.

I felt pretty burned out from work this week. It was a long hard slog after a week off at the beach. I felt exhausted Friday, by 3:30 or so I just quietly gave up and waited for the work day to end.

On for this week: several commercial shoots and edits. The nice part will be one or two better-quality jobs that will have some level of fun about them; studio shoots, time to do nice lighting, film-look with the SDX-900 camera. I really enjoy getting to take the time to do a nice job. Not that the clients will appreciate it.

The current bane of the advertising business here in town: real estate agents and used car lots. As I told Cathi yesterday, “same snake; different grass…”

From today:

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