More On Lightroom

I’ve enjoyed using the beta version of Adobe Lightroom so far. It’s changed my work flow. Before, I used to load shots into Photoshop one at a time and do my editing there. I’d have to have multiple shots open in PS to do any comparison, clicking one forward, then another. Now I load the whole shoot into Lightroom, pick the shots I like, do my processing, then do an export. Each shoot is organized by date and, if need be, by subject. Exports are put into a folder inside the original shoot folder. The exports are copies of the original pictures with the nondestructive edits made inside Lightroom, usually at a lesser quality, about 90 percent on the Lightroom scale. I still edit on occasions in Photoshop, usually adding an Unsharp Mask to the photo. I’m not entirely happy with the sharpening available in Lightroom. Nor am I completely comfortable with the b/w processing, though I still have a bit of learning to do with the program. Often I’ll just do my b/w’s in Photoshop, I’m more comfortable there. I like the options of using specific RGB channels to isolate for my b/w. However, I was messing with Lightroom today and there looks to be some options for b/w that I was not aware of and I’ll have to make a point of tinkering with. So far the program looks good. I’ll need to purchase it when it becomes available.

One thing about Lightroom, using it has made me more disciplined when it comes to organization of my pictures. I have a whole year’s worth or more of shots that need to be cataloged and added to the new library, all of which also need to be organized by dates. Over the time that I’ve had my camera, and been doing PAD, most of my library is only organized by picture number…

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