It’s been raining off and on since last night, a welcome reprieve from the warm weather we’re already having. I love the way the sound pitter patters on the roof.

Teddy continues to settle in with the family and our routines. He still has quite a bit of puppy in him and needs a lot of play and distraction.

I pulled out an old blanket of Sam’s and gave it to Teddy to lie on, he took to it immediately and Sophie seems to like it, too.

We did a massive clean, organize and move about yesterday. We filled the back of the car and made a trip to Goodwill, cleaning out quite a few thing. The funny thing is, the stuff we dropped off was mostly stuff we bypassed the last time we made a trip. I’m sure we’ll repeat this again later.

We moved a hutch and a big book case and a computer desk yesterday, a furniture dance that will mean a bit more room and feeling of organization.

I haven’t heard from for a while, hope he’s doing well.

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