Cathi and I are going to go look at a large dog we saw come into the groomers when Jack and Sophie were there. The owner had found him as a stray and brought him in to get cleaned up. We saw him and we were immediately smitten. The owner called us this morning to say that the dog wasn’t working out with his family, would we be interested? So, we made arrangements to meet the dog and the owner at the dog park with our pups. We’re not exactly sure what kind of dog he is, but the groomers thought he had poodle hair so he could be a poodle mix of some sort.

Off we go…

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  1. toddono

    Well, we went and met him and his owner. He’s a pretty, white poodle mix. Looks like he has lab in him; the way his skin fits on him, his feet, the shape of his face and tail all say labrador, but his hair is definitely poodle. He seemed mild natured, looked to be less than two years old. Needs to be neutered. At first the all the dogs seemed to get along ok, but later Sophie wasn’t so sure about him. They seemed like they wanted to play, but Sophie started backing him away with attitude and nipping. Jack seemed to do fine, though. But when Cathi wanted to see how he handled walking on a leash, Jack became a bit of a baby. All in all, Cathi and I both liked him, but not enough to say yes right then. So we asked if we could think it over and the guy said yes. We’ve talked about it a couple of times since getting home and we’re both still undecided. There just wasn’t that *something* to push us off the fence enough to deal with the hassles of bringing him home. We’d need to have him fixed and until then there’d be the possibility of marking in the house and other dominance issues, not to mention riding heard on the dynamics of the pack…

    So, we’re still undecided.


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