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Well, this is what I’ve been trying of late. I’m dividing my pictures into folders by year, then month and then by day. It makes for quite a few folders, but at least it’s organized. I started a couple weeks ago with putting each day’s shoot in it’s own folder, then sorting the shots and making “darkroom” decisions inside of Adobe Lightroom. I’ve been labeling folders in this format: year_mm_dd, 2006_04_13. It’s a bit of work, but it’s organized. I still need to work my way backwards into the first of the year, and I’d like to work my way back further than that.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about getting a new scanner to replace my old scsi scanner. I have quite a few of my own old photos from college days and my Pentax K1000, plus the family pictures from the last fifty or so years that I’d like to get scanned for archival reasons. I’d like to get all the negatives and prints properly stored and moved off site from home.

I’m thinking of starting a gallery for old advertising signs, the kind on buildings and on the streets. I find too many signs disappearing around town. I stopped today and took a few pictures of signs while I was out.

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  1. 1179days

    I have a organise mine in folders for each year and month then subfolders for various projects – holiday, wedding etc. Makes things easier to find than if I have them in day folders. It’s then catalogued in iView. Well, that’s the theory at least. But just recently I’ve been shooting film. I number the films in a physical folder. Film 06-015 (neopan 400) is the black mx and I’m about to load film 06-016 (Kodak Elite Color 400) in the chrome MX. Any I scan get numbered according to frame number – the watering can pic is 06-011-06 for example. All gets too confusing otherwise. As for the old film archives, they can stay the way they are. In a mess!


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