Monthly Archives: April 2006

Rain Slick

A glorious morning.

The city seemed to be couched in a foggy blanket, drizzly and misty and wonderfully grey, the cars hissing by on the rain soaked streets, a morning perfect for cool jazz and hot coffee.
I took a detour through downtown on my way to work, parked the car and jumped out for some shots, back into the dry seat to check my pictures and then back into the grey of the morning for a few more.

I noticed last night while downloading pictures from my camera to the laptop that the download program had an option for setting the color space on the downloads. I recently went through my camera and Adobe Photoshop and set both to Adobe RGB, but this option on the downloader was set to a generic setting. I changed the downloader too. Not that I could tell the difference, I’m probably too obtuse for that.


It’s been raining off and on since last night, a welcome reprieve from the warm weather we’re already having. I love the way the sound pitter patters on the roof.

Teddy continues to settle in with the family and our routines. He still has quite a bit of puppy in him and needs a lot of play and distraction.

I pulled out an old blanket of Sam’s and gave it to Teddy to lie on, he took to it immediately and Sophie seems to like it, too.

We did a massive clean, organize and move about yesterday. We filled the back of the car and made a trip to Goodwill, cleaning out quite a few thing. The funny thing is, the stuff we dropped off was mostly stuff we bypassed the last time we made a trip. I’m sure we’ll repeat this again later.

We moved a hutch and a big book case and a computer desk yesterday, a furniture dance that will mean a bit more room and feeling of organization.

I haven’t heard from for a while, hope he’s doing well.


Cathi and I are going to go look at a large dog we saw come into the groomers when Jack and Sophie were there. The owner had found him as a stray and brought him in to get cleaned up. We saw him and we were immediately smitten. The owner called us this morning to say that the dog wasn’t working out with his family, would we be interested? So, we made arrangements to meet the dog and the owner at the dog park with our pups. We’re not exactly sure what kind of dog he is, but the groomers thought he had poodle hair so he could be a poodle mix of some sort.

Off we go…