Adobe Lightroom Beta

I had a good morning this morning.

I got away from home a little early and took a slightly different route driving into town. I stopped at the rail overpass and the frontage road, parked the car, then wandered around both sides of the tracks getting shots for my Picture-A-Day (PAD) and the current work in my Urban Decay gallery. Most of the shots turned out nice. I could probably cut back on the bracketing I’ve been doing of late, I end up with too many extra shots, ballooning a shoot to triple size or more. Out of fifty odd pictures I whittled today’s shots down to a post of ten.

I’ve been using the beta version of Adobe Lightroom and I’ve been pretty happy with the controls for “developing” a picture. That’s their word for the image adjustments/control module in the program. The controls have a little more of an immediate feel to them, you’re able to see the impact of the brightness/contrast/exposure/etc as you’re making the adjustments. They’re all available the whole time you’re tweaking a picture, unlike Photoshop. And everything is non-destructive. The program has some asset management features, too, but I’m still messing with those. I’m still not sure how to go about managing all the shots I’ve taken to date, anyways. I might need this program for the image controls alone.

Today’s PAD post:

2 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom Beta

  1. 1179days

    Hmmm Lightroom. Hows it workingh out? I’m still on OSX 10.3.9 so I can run it… plus I’m not sure how well it runs on a G4 iBook with 640Mb RAM. Then there’s the free while it’s beta deal. Get you hooked then oh, time to hand ove some money. I’ve just started running Canon DPP v2 and really like it. Especially as it’s free!

  2. todd

    I stumbled on to Lightroom after talking with you about iView. I’m running it at work and at home on my Powerbook G4. Runs better at work, faster processor, G5 and all that. I needed more memory (bad chips) for the laptop so I ordered it yesterday. The Lightroom interface is pretty and the software seems fast. I like the workflow concept. All the adjustments are right there while the photo is open, along with histograms, so you see what you’re doing.
    As you’ve said, get you hooked with the free beta… I’ll have to check out this Canon software you’re talking about.


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