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  1. buggysw

    I like the photos, keep them coming. Todd, the one with you and the coffee cup is so like you. This is a classic.

    I believe that I have finally decided on a method that will work for archiving all of my film, scanned documents, audio, video, records, tapes, and scanned documents. The format is designed to be easy enough so that I actually WOULD use it, and comprehensive enough that it could handle more media that I could ever use in my lifetime.

    This will be accomplished in 10 digits per item (or perhaps 9) I have not decided if an extra digit would be necessary, but since I do not ever want to re-number anything, I might go for the 10 digits. Hey it works for phone numbers.

    the format I am looking at is:


    This translates to:

    XXX Media Type AAA – ZZZ
    Y Content Type a-z 1-9 A-Z
    111_111 Media individual ID 000_000 to 999_999

    My only question is do I need one million individual ID’s or will 99,999 work. With 52 content types and 26^3 Media types, I miht not need 999,999 individual id numbers. If one content type ends up going over 99,999, I could always link another content type to give me another 99,999 entries.

    So every piece of paper, record, tape, video, film CD, DVD, SD Card, MMC card, Sony memory stick etc, would all have a number such as:
    DVD1_000_023 For example entertainment DVD #23
    DVD_100_023 Could also be used for the same system if I wanted to use one digit less.

    Personally I think the extra digit What do you think?

  2. toddono

    Sure, what’s one more digit between friends?

    You know, I was thinking yesterday that as you went about numbering, filing and pre-scanning, you ought to make the decisions about what to scan at high resolution. You’d save yourself the trouble of double scanning. And if, after some thought and contemplation, you decided to go back and revisit a few images you will have saved yourself some work.

    How’s that for another wrench in the works?

  3. buggysw

    Yes, I could scan through the 3/4/5/6 negatiges on a strip and then look at the images. That would be a good time to decide for a high resolution scan. It would be an ideal time actually. Some images I already know that when I find them I will scan at max res. Others I might not decide that until many months later.

    I just want my cake and eat it too. (But isn’t that the point of a birthday cake anyway?)

    Yes I agree ome of the images will naturally be scanned at high res the instant I get them into the scanner.
    Realistically I want to batch everything in a production mode and not be distracted during the first run by deciding “should I or shouldn’t I scan at high res”. If I did that, 90% of the photos would be scanned at high res and I would never finish. It would simply take too long.


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